Steering Column Chrome Cap TO/MF-35

Can you help me find a steering column chrome cap for my TO-35?  September 5, 2016.

I am not aware of anyone selling a replacement chrome cap below the steering wheel for the TO-35/MF-35. The rubber grommet is available from Steiner Tractor parts.

As far as the chrome cap goes most of the originals were metal, and being metal can be re-chromed. Replacement caps were chrome finished plastic. That chrome finish can also be redone, but finding a place to do it is a bit more challenging. We had a FENA member who made a cap for his TO-35 out of aluminum, and then polished it to look like chrome. I believe he used two pieces of aluminum stock, aluminum pipe, or tubing for the body, and a piece of flat stock for the top. I do not have his contact information, but I am quite sure any competent machine shop can duplicate the cap for you in aluminum, or other metal that can be chrome plated. These caps came in multiple lengths to accommodate the various dash heights, and steering column heights used over the years.