Starter for 1949 TO-20

I bought an aftermarket starter for my 1949 TO-20, and it does not fit; what starter can I get to fit my tractor?

Sadly, many of the replacement starters being sold will not fit the Z120 or Z129 engines in the TE/TO-20 and TO-30. These replacement starters will fit the later Z134 engine in the TO-35, F-40, MF-35, MH-50 and MF-50. The original 6 volt Delco Remy starter, # 1109457 fits the TE/TO-20 and TO-30 perfectly, and this is the starter you need. The small outer diameter and its length are a perfect fit for the earlier Fergusons.

A 6 volt starter can be used with a 12 volt electrical system, but care must be taken not to crank the starter for long periods or you will damage it due to overheating. You can also have a 6 volt 1109457 converted to 12 volts by a local starter alternator shop.

If all that is wrong with your original starter is a broken nose cone, why not just replace the nose cone? This is a simple repair and replacement nose cones are readily available. The 1109457 nose cone is available from Steiner Tractor Parts as their part number MFS092 for $78.95. The nose cone should have an overall length of 6 1/8″ and should measure 2.761″ from the machined surface where it bolts to the flywheel housing to the machined surface where it bolts to the starter housing. If your starter needs rebuilding, consider having it rebuilt by a local starter alternator shop. An original Delco starter, properly rebuilt, is generally superior to the after-market starters being sold today.

The cause of a broken nose cone is usually an engine that is not properly timed or engaging the starter before it has stopped spinning.