Serial Number Plate Source

I have just joined FENA and I have two questions regarding my TO-20. I have no nameplate on this tractor, it has been removed at some point in its life. I do have the engine plate. First Question: is it possible to cross the two numbers so I can get the tractor serial number? Second: do you know of any source for new data plates for the tractor and engine?The engine plate I do have is in very bad condition; the only things legible on it are the serial number 121710 and the numbers .011, .011, 20, and 30 along the bottom. I assume the 1st two are valve clearances; I don’t know what the other two are. The serial number is right above the bottom line of numbers and slightly to the right of center.

Welcome to FENA. I don’t know if we can locate the exact serial number for your tractor but the engine serial number may help us to approximate the range of numbers it would have been in. There is a cross reference for the TO-30 engine to tractor serial numbers but I am not aware of a similar reference that exists for other models. You may also be able to get some information about when your engine was built and shipped to Ferguson from the guy that bought the Continetal parts, records, etc., Montes Equipment in Chicago. Give them a call and they may be able to help you. 800-228-2625,

The serial number is the second line up from the bottom and it should have the preface, Z120. The first two numbers on the bottom line, reading left to right, are the Intake and Exhaust valve tappet clearances. The next two numbers are the recommended oil viscosities, W for winter 20 wt, and S for summer 30 wt. Reproduction plates are available from Steiner Tractor Parts, or 800-234-3280, their part number MFS166 for $24.50. I would recommend getting 4 of the brass rivets, their part number ABC1585 @ $0.50 each. The plate will come blank so you will have to get it stamped with your numbers.

Dan Whalen, who lives in Ohio stamps these plates and sells reproduction plates but not the one for the Z120 engine. If you decide to purchase the plate from Steiner’s, you can send the plate to Dan Whalen to have the numbers stamped on it. Dan charges between $5 and $10 to stamp a plate plus $4 for return shipping, when you supply your own plate. Call him before you send the plate and he will tell you what the charge will be. Dan Whalen, 2165 Berry Road, Amelia, OH 45102-9720 , Phone: 513-734-4040.