Serial Number, Model, and Year of Diesel Ferguson

We have just bought two Fergie tractors, one has a 3 cylinder Perkins engine, and we are struggling to identify the serial number, model, and year of the tractor. Do you know of any resources that can help? January 16, 2016.

Your tractor, at least the one in the photo showing the hood and grill, is a UK built MF-35. Your email address also indicates you are in the UK. The serial number lists on our website only include US built 35’s. The Friends of Ferguson Heritage maintains lists of UK built 35’s. However, from what you have said the tractor serial number plate is missing.

Some of the later built tractors had serial numbers on the transmission and rear axle assemblies which could have been used to cross reference to the tractor serial number when the original Massey Ferguson Warranty Department was in existence. I am not sure if any of those records still exist or if your tractor has those additional serial numbers. The tractor serial number was only recorded on the serial number tag. There should be date codes on the castings that would provide some clue as to the tractors ages. Again, the Friends of Ferguson Heritage should be able to help you.

There may be other things that could be used to help determine when your tractors were built. The MF-35 with the Perkins 3 cylinder diesel is an excellent tractor with a good reputation for economical operation and excellent lugging power. I am forwarding this email to Sam Neill, one of our members in Northern Ireland who may be able to provide additional information. Sam is also active in The Friends of Ferguson Heritage.