Reproduction Parts For TO/TE-20

Is there a reproduction grill, and Hood available for my TO-20?

I like Steiner’s and have worked with them to develop parts for Ferguson tractors but I have found other sources for some things that I prefer.

A beautiful reproduction grill is available from Steiner Tractor Parts. See the attached link.


I am particularly proud of this grill as it is one of the items I worked with Steiner’s to have reproduced.

The side panels or dog legs as they are sometimes called and the hood are also all being reproduced.  Some of these are for the TE and TEA-20, so be careful you are getting hood parts to fit the TO-20 or TO-30. The TO-20 and TO-30, hood and grill are the same.

You will very likely find used parts that can be restored for less money than the reproduction parts. The top section of the hood, and the side panels are relatively easy to repair compared to other body sheet-metal. You can usually find them for sale on Ebay, or through one or more of the many salvage yards in the US. The grill is much more difficult to restore which is why I recommend the reproduction listed above.

Restoration Supply sells black battery cables for the TO-20 and TO-30 that are better than any others I have seen, and that more closely match the originals.

I use Dennis Carpenter Ford Tractor Parts for Taurus taillight parts, work light switches, some wiring clips and check chains for the lift arms which they sell with the clevises. Steiner sells them as part of a complete kit which costs more, and includes the brackets that go on either side of the PTO shaft.

I use Stevens Tractor Parts and Del City for gauges. There are others as well. You will find the same part available from multiple retailers at widely varying prices so it does pay to shop carefully. Sometimes there is a difference in the quality of the parts as well so sometimes paying more gets you a better part. This is true when it comes to work light, and TE/TO-20 light switches. The ones from Dennis Carpenter are better made than the ones sold by other suppliers.