Replacement Serial Number Tag Source

A FENA member is needing a serial # tag for one of the tractors sold at Willis Biddle’s auction, for the buyer. He called me as someone had told him they had seen where someone supplied these in one of the older magazines. I don’t have a clue as to what “someone” is referring to. The nearest I could think was the Ad that Phil Fenner used to run but I don’t want to bother his wife about it if this isn’t what Melvin needs. April 9, 2015.

I believe he was referring to Dan Whalen. Dan lives in Ohio and can supply serial number tags for most of the Massey Harris line, and one that is correct for the TO-35 with a black background. I believe this same tag was also used on the F-40.

Dan will stamp the tag with the number you provide. Dan is listed in our list of “sources for Ferguson replacement parts” which was published in Furrows several years ago and can be found on our FENA web site. Dan Whalen can be contacted at 513-734-4040. It’s best to call him in the evening or on weekends.