Replacement Serial Number Plate

Where can I get a replacement serial number plate for my Ferguson F-40?

A tractor serial number plate that I believe will work is available from Dan Whelen in Ohio, 513-734-4040. The approximate cost is $18.00 plus shipping and handling. The plates Dan sells do not have the F-40 model number printed at the top, but rather have a place where the model can be stamped. That allows this plate to be used on the TO-35, F-40 and MH-50. Dan will stamp your model number and serial number on the plate. These plates were originally attached with zinc plated phillips head screws. I prefer to use stainless steel screws that will not rust or stain the plate. If you want an exact reproduction of you tractor serial number plate with the F-40 model number imprinted the same as the rest of the lettering on the plate with the exception of the serial number, the only place I know to have one made is Vintage Brass Plates. The original tractor serial number plate as well both the plates Dan Whelen sells, and the ones Vintage Brass Plates sells are aluminum with raised lettering and a black etched background.

I do not know of anyone reproducing the Massey Ferguson implement serial number plates other than Vintage Brass Plates.

You can get exact reproductions of your plates from a vendor in England but you will pay considerably more for it. The company is Vintage Brass Plates and their website is Vintage Brass Plates – Providers of Plates and Tags.

Their reproduction plates will be exact duplicates of your originals. All of the plates are custom made and the workmanship is outstanding but the price can be as much as ten times that of the plates from Ohio.