Removing Top Link Bushings

Can you give me some suggestions on methods to remove the top link bushings on my F40? They would not press out. They would not drive out. I heated the casting. I lubricated everything. Nothing worked. I finally fired up the flame wrench and removed material in the center. I was finally able to get them out. November 3, 2014.

Yes the bushings can be a real pain to get out. Here are a few ideas for the next time. Remember the bushings have a knurled end, which has a slightly larger diameter. The knurled end goes to the inside of the clevis as I recall therefore, the bushing must be pushed in to the center to remove them and installed from the inside of the clevis and pushed out to install them.

A way to make the tractor bushings easier to remove is to split them. You may be able to do this with a hack saw blade and handle or with a small grinder. When you cut through the wall of the bushing it will collapse and the outer diameter will decrease making it easier to remove.