Removing TO-35 Seal Retainer on a TO-35 Transmission

I’m trying to replace the seal on the front of a TO-35 transmission, how do I get the retainer off?

On the Live PTO models, there is a PTO drive gear that fits in a slot in the bottom of the retainer housing inside the transmission. To remove the housing you must remove the PTO drive shaft from inside the clutch housing which allows the drive gear to drop down and the retainer housing to be removed.

Remove the 4 bolts holding the PTO bearing cap just below the retainer housing. Remove the snap ring.  Use two cap screws/bolts in the threaded holes of the PTO bearing housing to remove it. Remove the internal snap ring. Remove the PTO drive shaft by pulling it forward.
The PTO drive gear should drop down when the shaft is removed. Once the PTO drive gear drops down you should be able to remove the retainer housing.

Removing and installing the seal in the retainer housing is a bit tricky, and is usually done using two special tools MF dealers should have. One tool removes the seal, the other installs it. Note the orientation of the seal when you remove it, and be sure to install the new one facing the same way.