Remove Crank Pulley

What is the recommended method for removing the crank pulley?  August 15, 2016.

The recommended puller set up for the crankshaft pulley uses a clamp made up of two C shaped sections that fit in the groove. There are two bolt, one on each side of the C shaped sections that are tightened in the belt groove. A large two-legged puller is hooked over the sides of the C shaped sections, and the puller screw is seated in the end of the crankshaft to pull the pulley.  Sometimes the crankshaft pulley almost slides off when you remove the crank nut, and at other times you have to strike the end of the puller screw with a dead blow or heavy brass hammer to remove the pulley. You might try some penetrating oil, but it is likely going to take a number of hammer strikes to the puller screw, and repeated tightening to break the pulley loose.

Wish I had some secret formula, but I don’t.