Pull Disc Bearing Spool Replacement

Is there a source for bearing spool # A-BO-5577-B or 662 154 M1?  October 31, 2016.

The Ferguson pull type disc this spool was used on was also sold by Ford under their Dearborn name as the following models, 11-12, 11-12B, 11-13, 11-14, 11-14B, and 11-15. The Ford part number for the spool is 110446. It does not appear that either of the NOS parts suppliers currently shows any stock either under the Massey Ferguson part number 662 154 M1, or the Ford part number 110446.

My only suggestion is to check with your local Massey Ferguson, and Ford New Holland dealers and have them do a dealer search to see if any dealer has either of these part numbers in stock. The only other option is to find an old Ferguson dealer that has NOS stock, and may have the spool under the old Ferguson or later Massey Ferguson part number.

Other options include having a new spool cast using a good or repaired spool as a pattern, or converting the entire spool, and bearing box to a later version. Reproduction spools and parts for later bearing boxes are are being reproduced overseas, and available from after-market suppliers. The problem is finding a spool of the same width as your original. You might even be able to fabricate brackets to replace the original bearing box, and use later style disc bearings.