PTO Extension

Sir, I have a chance to buy a nice PTO Extension, including the shield. It still has a good bit of gray paint on it, and moves freely. Is that a fairly rare accessory? The guy wants $75. for it plus shipping cost. Does that sound like a good deal? February 18, 2015.

The price doesn’t sound bad if it’s in good condition. Carefully inspect the internal and external splines for wear. The internal or female splines are the ones that usually show the most wear. Also check to make sure the internal splines are the proper size for you tractor PTO. There were two versions of the long extension which is normally used with the “V” type extension drawbar. The later version came with either 11/8″ or 1 3/8″ internal splines. The 11/8″ internal spline was for tractors originally equipped with 1 1/8″ PTO shafts like the TE/TO-20 and TO-30 as well as the Ford 9N, 2N, 8N, NAA and hundred series Fords. The internal spline segment is replaceable but the current MF price is approximately $75. The Ford price is similar. The long extension was sold by both Ford and Ferguson dealers. There is also a short version which was used with the horse shoe drawbar. The internal spline on these short extensions is not replaceable and if it is worn the only option is some expensive machine shop work to rebuild the splines. And if that was not complicated enough, there are some intermediate length extensions which were are used with high clearance tractors like the F-40, MH-50, and MF-50. These were only made with 1 3/8″ female splines. All the extensions have 1 3/8″ external splines. Check the bearings. If they grind or the shaft does not rotate smoothly the bearings will have to be replaces which is an additional expense. All the extensions have bearings though they are not all the same.