PTO Always Turns

Can you tell me what might be wrong with the PTO on my 1949 Ferguson? The PTO turns all the time, except when you press the clutch, and the lever on the side doesn’t seem to affect it.

The PTO on these tractors are not “live”. whenever the clutch is depressed the PTO stops. There are two common reasons why the PTO lever don’t work:

The rivet which holds the PTO Lever to its shaft has sheared. The shaft controls the shifter linkage. And, the side cover with the shift lever is not properly installed. If you remove the side cover you will find a short arm with a ball end connected to the PTO lever. That ball end has to be seated between two raised collars on the PTO shifter mechanism. Sometimes the short arm or ball end is broken. I suspect you will find the problem is one of these two.