Proper Post-Hole Digger for TO-30

I am looking to mount a post-hole digger on my TO-30 with 3 point hitch. Any input into where to start looking for an appropriate model?

I am not that familiar with everything that is out there today. I do know I looked into this several years ago when I was considering the purchase of a new post hole digger for my own use and concluded the Danuser lighter weight digger was about right for my TO-30. The major concern was to find a model that is not to heavy to lift, is well constructed of durable materials, and that has an easy to disconnect PTO shaft. Without live hydraulics that operate independent of the PTO, as on the TO-20 and TO-30, you have to disconnect the PTO to lift the digger without turning the auger. This can be necessary if the auger becomes jammed and won’t turn.