Proper In-Hose Thermostat

I purchased a replacement thermostat from Yesterdays Tractors as my newly purchased Fergie was missing the thermostat. My manual says it goes in the top radiator hose with the bellows facing the engine, it is round and made of brass, one end is pointed, the copper disc end is open. The mystery is there is a lip or shoulder on the pointed end of the body of the thermostat so it will not push inside the hose and seal properly with the hose clamp; an experienced tractor mechanic was baffled also. There is a two bolt flange on the engine, could it be that is where the original thermostat went as a two bolt elliptical gasket came with the thermostat?

Thanks to you Fergie now has the correct transmission fluid from TSC and a new PTO shaft of the correct diameter, that was an easy task. August 15, 2014.

The thermostat that fits in the hose is used on the TE-20 and TO-20 with the Continental Z120 engine and the TO-30 with the Continental Z129 engine. The TEA-20 with the Standard Motors engine has a thermostat mounted in the water outlet. The same is true for the TO-35 with the Continental Z134 engine.

The water outlet gasket on a Z120 or Z129 engine has a rectangular opening with rounded corners. The thermostats for the Z120 and Z129 engines do not come with gaskets. It doesn’t sound like you have the right gasket for your tractor.

The thermostats that fit in the hose are usually marked with an arrow indicating the radiator side or top, or a sticker on the side. I cannot recall ever having a problem getting a thermostat to fit inside the hose of a TE-20, TO-20 or TO-30. I believe the pointed end is the one that should face the radiator. The spring and thermal pellet should face the cylinder head.

Brent Holaway – I had a similar problem installing mine in my 30. I had to put the upper hose in a pan of water and heated it to boiling to soften the hose a bit. I put just the slightest bit of dish soap on my finger and rubbed it inside the hose and pushed the thermostat in.