Position Control

The lift on my 1949 Ferguson doesn’t seem to be working properly, the lift arms are either all the way up or all the way down. Is this how it is supposed to act?

The early Fergusons, like the TE/TO-20, and TO-30 do not have position control hydraulics. When you are operating a ground engaging implement like a plow or cultivator, the position you place the lift lever will set the depth of the implement, and maintain it. However, when operating implements like brush hogs, sickle mowers and rakes, there is no position control.

Ferguson used a position stop chain on certain implements like mowers and brush hogs to prevent the implement from dropping too far. You can purchase an after-market accessory called a Position Stop Chain kit to use with implements that do not have their own position stop chain. There are also after-market devices that connect the hydraulic linkage to the lift lever to maintain a fixed position.

I prefer the stop chain method as it is less troublesome. Visit the following link showing one of these kits.