Plow Share Sources

I was talking to Brett Holaway ( and he said he has NOS 12 & 14 shares. Can you tell me if these are the shares I need? July 6, 2014

The shares Brent has are cast iron. If you do not have a lot of rocks in the ground you intend to plow they should work. These shares were designed to provide maximum life in sandy soils with no rocks.

As for the price the dealer in Canada is charging for the shares, this seems to be what Ford New Holland dealers are charging for these shares. I do not believe the dealer is price gouging, just pricing the shares to cover the cost from the manufacturer plus around 20% markup plus shipping.

The shares were available from any Ford New Holland dealer a year or so ago but when I checked on them the last time it appeared that Ford New Holland parts is no longer supplying these shares. I’m not sure if that is a temporary thing or if they will no longer supply them. AGCO stopped supplying these shares a number of years ago.

I have heard there are blacksmith shops that will fabricate or rebuild shares but I have no information on any of them or how to contact them. As I indicated earlier, these shares are difficult to locate these days, as is the case with most “fitted” shares. At one time there were several original equipment and after-market suppliers making these shares but that is no longer the case.

The use of plows has decreased significantly over the years and only recently have some farmers again begun using a plow to correct certain soil conditions. Most farmers today use minimum tillage methods including chemicals, chisel plowing and minimum tillage planters to prepare land for crops. I would like to see someone look into having these fitted shares produced in China or some other overseas location. I am not sure what the long range sales prospects would be but I believe there is enough pent up demand to justify having a batch of these shares made, perhaps on a prepaid order basis.