Original Style Vertical Exhaust

Was the vertical exhaust a factory option for the Ferguson 40. If so what did it look like? Do you have a reference for the replacement part. September 26, 2014.

I got your pictures. The manifold and elbow look correct. It looks like you will need an original style muffler, an exhaust pipe and a clamp. You indicated you wanted to use a vertical exhaust so here are the parts you will need from the Steiner Tractor Parts catalog. http://www.SteinerTractor.com 182609M1 Muffler Steiner #MFS 177 $35.70, 182697M1 Exhaust Pipe, vertical Steiner #MFS 175 23.10, Clamp, 1 1/2″ Steiner #ABC 341 9.95. This will give you the original style vertical exhaust. Similar parts are available from other sources as well including Stevenstractor.com