Neutral Safety Switch Sources

Attached is a picture of the connector that plugs into the neutral safety switch on the 35 ‘s (and other tractors). My supplier is not aware of its proper name or how to get it. Can you help? November 1, 2014.

These are called bullet connectors and they are a standard automotive connector available at any automotive store, most hardware stores and electronic supply stores. They come in two diameters as well as different sizes for different gauge wire. The larger ones .176″ to .180″ diameter are used on most of the Ferguson and Massey Ferguson light wiring. The smaller size, .156″ is used on the neutral safety switch and on the terminals of the work light switch. There are multiple versions of insulated ones, some with heat shrink sleeves and some with hard plastic sleeves. The ones in the picture you sent are the uninsulated ones. These uninsulated ones are usually crimped and soldered to the wire. If you are unable to locate them locally, let me know and I can send you some. If you order a new wiring harness from Agri-Services these terminals will be on the wires that connect to the neutral safety switch.