MHF Two-Row Mid-Mount Cultivator Color

I recently bought an MHF 2 row mid-mount cultivator. I’m planning on mounting it on a F-40. I’d like to know if you have any information on the color it should be? January 25, 2016.

These cultivators were sold as Ferguson’s, Massey Harris’s and lastly as Massey Ferguson’s. They were all the same except for the serial number plate and the color. The Ferguson’s were painted light Ferguson gray, the same shade as the sheet metal on the first gray/metallic green TO-35’s. The Massey Harris version was painted Massey Harris red to match the Massey Harris red on the sheet metal on the MH-50. The last versions were sold as Massey Ferguson’s, painted the same red as the sheet metal of the MF-50 and MF-65. There were two basic versions of the cultivator, one for corn and another for other crops. I remember cotton, beans and cotton being mentioned as other crops but I cannot recall which crops were paired with which version. When these cultivators came out it was not unusual for dealers to repaint them to match the color scheme that was correct for the tractor they were being used on. This actually happened with many implements. If a Massey Harris dealer needed a cultivator for an MH-50 and all the warehouse had on hand was Ferguson cultivators the MH dealer might accept the substitution of a Ferguson cultivator. As a result Ferguson cultivators were repainted MH or MF red to use on either MH-50 or MF-50 or 65 tractors. I have operators manuals, sales literature and parts books which would indicate which model was meant for which crop. Massey Ferguson later came out with an improved model which had a horseshoe shaped pipe frame that wrapped around the front, painted Massey Ferguson red. If you are considering painting it as a Ferguson, the TO-35 gray would be the proper color to paint it.