MF135 Decal Placement

I finished restoring my US 135 and I want to put the decals on the tractor. Do you have any information which shows where the decals go? I have a ‘CAUTION to avoid possible tractor overturn…’ speed range chart (I think this one belongs on to the fender), a range decal that says: ‘R-1-2-3-L-N-H’ and, ‘Danger fan” (only one…) that belongs on the fan housing I guess.

Here are some pictures from the MF 135 operators manual. The first set shows the location of the speed chart on the front of the right fender. The chart was supposed to mounted so you could see it when you turned to your right.

The second set shows the location of the Danger Fan decal. It doesn’t show up real well but you should be able to see a light spot on the fan shroud, just above the alternator. Early production tractors had generators but the decal was located in the same place.

As for the shift range decal, I don’t recall seeing that on any MF 135. As for the tractor overturn warning, does that say something about not hitching to the top link? That decal goes on the rear axle housing above the PTO, and to the right of it. I’ve included a picture of that as well.