MF Part Numbers for Aftermarket Parts?

Did Massey Ferguson give a part number for aftermarket products? May 14, 2016.

Massey Ferguson (MF) did use alternate suppliers for parts, and when they did so assigned those parts different part numbers that followed the original part number format. Original parts or genuine MF replacement parts have part numbers ending in an M followed by a single digit as in M1, M2, M3, etc. Each number beyond the original M1 indicated a change in the part as in M2, M3, etc. Assemblies, made up of multiple parts, have original part numbers ending in M91. Each number beyond the original M91 indicates a change in the part as in M92, M93, etc. Therefore a part number that subs to a new part number is an original MF part that has been changed extensively by the OEM supplier, or sourced from a different supplier than the original but completely meets MF specifications. That would be the case in the switches bearing part number 883928M91 which replace the original part number 829141M3. MF also supplies some parts from after-market suppliers that can be used to replace OEM parts. These after-market parts that may work as replacements but have not been evaluated or approved as OEM parts by MF engineering. These after-market parts have part numbers ending in a V followed by a digit or digits instead of an M. A example would be the part number 192921V91 which is an after-market replacement part for the original MF part number 192921M91.