MF-50 Forward Light Placement

Attached you will see a pic of a 1958 MF-50 single wheel with lights. Here is my question. Are the forward lights mounted on the fenders original factory placement or did the owner just throw them on there for convenience? I have seen the same placement on some Ferguson 40’s but again question whether they are factory original? The pic of the Ferguson HI-40 single wheel has the lights on the front and I know that is factory original. September 15, 2014.

The lights on the MF-50 look like they may be the original small ones. The ones on the F-40 look like the later style I have. There were fender mounted lights for the TO-35. F-40, MH-50 and MF-50. The fender mounted lights were and option along with the hood mounted lights.

In some cases, two sets of lights were mounted on the tractor. The fender mounted lights worked well when a loader was installed or a corn picker. The original fender mounted lights were smaller than the hood mounted lights but similar looking. These original fender mounted lights used a hinged bracket that sort of wrapped over the top of the fender.

The only parts book I recall that shows these lights is the MF-50 parts book, I don’t recall them being in any 35 or 40 parts book. If you don’t have one, I will scan the pages and send them to you so you can see the brackets.

Later MF came up with a different fender brackets for the headlights. There were two versions, cast for the industrial models and chrome plated alloy for the Ag tractors. These are the brackets I sell and they are intended to be used with the original larger headlamp assemblies.

There are some pieces of literature that show the original small fender mounted lights lights and I can send you copies of the pictures from those if you like. I remember the sales brochure for the new farm loader that came out about the time of the TO-35 showed the fender mounted lights on the TO-35 and I think they are shown in the F-40 sales brochure.