MF 22 Disc Parts

I am looking for a bearing for a 22 Massey Ferguson Plow Part #662046M2 and 662047M2. Can you help?

The parts you asked about are for a Massey Ferguson 22 Disc. This disc has been in production since the early 1950’s and continued being built as the Massey Ferguson 25 Disc into the 1980’s. The bearings have changed from the original wood bearing, to the cast iron bearings you have in yours, to a ball bearing. One of the bearing box halves is still available from AGCO/Massey Ferguson, part number 662047M1 which sells for a little over $30. None of the other bearing parts are available however. Your best option is to try to use the aftermarket bearing sets available from Agri Supply,

You will have to determine which axle size your disc has and then select from the various spool sizes to find one that is the proper width and that is either for the size axle you have or can be modified to fit that axle. You may have to make some minor modifications to the hangers for the bearings but you will find that this is a much less expensive alternative to the original parts, even if you can locate them.

Look at the following Agri Supply spools to determine which is the proper width and axle size, 28210, 11736, 11665, 11743, 11742, 11741, 11738 and 11664. Once you have found a spool that will work, look at the bearing box halves and find the bearing box that matches the spool you have selected. If in doubt, the people at Agri Supply should be able to help. Some of these bearing box halves use the same part top and bottom. Just make sure one side has grease zerks so you can grease the bearings. You may have to drill and tap the box half to attach grease zerks. Make sure you install the grease zerks in the same place they are on the other top halves. On some of the box halves there is a raised boss where the grease zerk is to be installed.

Some of the housings that go together are: 11664 spool uses 11661 housing 28210 spool uses 28211 housing 11743 spool uses 11740 housing I’m not which spools go with the following housings, 11645, 11662, and 11659. There may also be other parts available. Installing the spools is going to take a serious wrench to remove the nuts from the gang bolts. A 1″ impact wrench is a good bet but I have used a wrench with a 6′ extension as well. You should also be able to get the locks you need from either AGCO/Massey Ferguson or Agri Supply. Still another option is to rebuild the disc using the later style bearing boxes from the MF 25 disc, which may still be available. However the price of these parts may scare you.