MF-135 Mint Value at Auction

I am not a member of the Ferguson Enthusiasts of North America. I have a Massey Ferguson 135 for sale and wanted to place an ad with you and wanted to find out the deadline to be submitted and how many words I can submit and when it would be listed in the classified ad. September 4, 2014.

If this is a brand new MF 135 that has been preserved and never run it could be worth a lot of money and perhaps placed in one of the antique tractor auctions run by firms such as Mecum which specializes in auctioning restored and rare original tractors.

If this is a tractor that has been used and the hour meter has been replaced can you send me some pictures and tell me if the condition of the tires, the condition of the sheet metal, straight and undented is worth more, the condition of the paint, and the general mechanical condition and how it runs?

I also would like to know if it is a 3 cylinder or 4 cylinder gas or diesel engine. The 3 cylinder diesel engines and 4 cylinder gas engines seem to sell better but the 3 cylinder gas engines also sell well. The price will vary by the geographical area you are in but these tractors are always in demand and sell sell.

You might consider contacting Wengers and talking to them about buying this TO-35. I think it would probably bring the most money if it was either placed in one of the large auctions Mecum’s or one of the other auction houses do or extensively adverstised and sold on offers received. I believe Mecum’s would do the advertising necessary to get you a good price on this tractor.

There are collectors world wide who would be interested in this tractor. I suspect some of the big one in the UK might be will willing to make a good offer on this. I would think someone like Michael Thorne in the UK would be worth contacting.