Market Value 1955 TO-35 with Plow

Can you tell me what the market value of my 1955 TO-35 in good running condition, with a 2-bottom plow is?

It’s impossible for me to tell you what your tractor is worth without actually seeing it, hearing it run, driving it, etc. Your best bet for establishing the going price in your area is to contact a farm auctioneer in your area. Prices do vary by area.

Other factors that affect value include, condition of the sheet metal, age and amount of tread on the tires, condition of gauges, three point hitch parts, knobs, seat, wheels, particularly the rear rims, inclusion of the original top link and drawbar, condition of the steering gear, radius rods and ball joints, condition of the front spindles, leaks at the rear axle seals, does the engine smoke, does the engine run smooth and start easily, condition of the wiring, and does it appear to have been well maintained or does it have a lot of welds or poor quality repairs?

Tractors like this in Mid-Michigan vary from as little as $500 to over $5000, depending on condition.