K-BE-A31 Spring Tines

Can you help me find two replacement spring tine/coil tines for my K-Be-A31 harrow?  April 11, 2016.

As I recall, the tines on the K-BO version are the same as those on Dearborn/Ford spring tooth harrows, as well as those on many other brands. Nearly all of those harrows were made by Pittsburgh Plow Company. After-market replacement tines were available from nearly every after-market parts supplier. I am not sure if the same tine is used on the K-BE version. I suspect the commonality of those tines is present on other UK built harrows thought many UK and US part look amazingly similar. I will check after-market suppliers to see what I can find.

Another option is to go to an automotive spring shop. The tines are basically spring stock the same as used in many automotive, and light truck leaf springs. Spring shops can usually fabricate springs to match any manufacturers design.