Installing New Hydraulic Control Valve with Engine Running?

Can I install a new Hydraulic Control Valve with the engine running, and is there an easy way to get the forks back over the T of the control valve? May 14, 2016.

NEVER attempt to work on the pump while it’s running is the general rule though there are a few exceptions involving the control valve on later Ferguson System tractors. As for getting the square piece seated in the oscillator piece in the pump. You can rotate the PTO shaft from the back of the tractor while the PTO is out of gear to assist in seating the square piece.Check ebay, I have seen used valves including the rod and square piece for sale.

Getting the forks on and off the dog bone portion of the valve can be a challenge. Ferguson did offer a spreader tool for this purpose but they are no longer available, and very difficult to find used.

There is an English version of this tool which is simpler than the US version. The English version is a notched bar that fits between the legs of the fork to hold it in the open position. The notched bar has a U shaped depression in the middle, and a piece of chain attached which is secured on the outside of the inspection cover opening. The chain allows you to retrieve the spreader if it pops out and drops down into the oil.