Implement Paint Color

How can I determine which color to paint my Ferguson implement? March 19, 2016.

Ferguson implements were painted 3 different shades of gray.

Ferguson implements from the Ford Ferguson period were painted the same shade of gray, M-1000, as the Ford Ferguson tractor.

Ferguson from the TE/TO-20, TO-30 period were painted the same shade of gray, M-1001, as those tractors.

Ferguson implements from the gray/metallic green TO-35, bamboo beige/flint metal gray TO-35 and F-40 period were painted light Ferguson gray, M-1011, the same shade used on the gray/metallic green TO-35 sheet metal.

Deciding which shade of gray to use is often a matter of personal choice, possibly based on what tractors you plan to use the implements with though implements with Ferguson-Sherman serial number tags, brass tags and plows with cast top link masts are clearly from the Ford Ferguson period. Late production implements can often be identified by changes that occurred late in their production runs like the “N” base throw away shares used on late production plows, the stamped spider wheels that replaced the cast spiders on late production side delivery rakes and other details found in implement parts books.