Identifying MF-65 Without Serial # Tag

I have an MF-65 that does not have a serial number tag.  I am sending you some pictures.  Can you help me identify the date of my tractor?  September 14, 2016.

The pictures you sent me show your tractor has a Diesel engine.   The close-up picture of the fuel filters on the left side of the engine are the ones on the earlier Diesel with swirl-type injection, therefore your tractor has the early production Diesel engine.  I can provide you with the serial number, and year the engine change was made.  The Perkins 4-A-203 sometimes called the A4-203, which has a swirl-type fuel injection system was used on Massey Ferguson 65 tractors prior to tractor serial number 682157. The Perkins AD4.203 which has a direct fuel injection system was used on Massey Ferguon 65 tractors beginning with tractor serial number 682157.