Identifying Discs and Rotary Hoe

I have some implements that I cannot identify the makers. I found some casting numbers on a disc shaft and bearing housings. DH20X is stamped on the shaft in a couple of places and a couple of bearing housings are WD27, others are WD28 (end bearing). Wonder if those numbers ring a bell with you in connection with any other Ferguson discs?

I found some numbers on a rotary hoe beside a Farm Tools ID tag, however there were a couple of stampings on the small spike tooth harrow sections …. “Haughman HT1 Oster Inc” which doesn’t mean anything to me.

A farmer friend called me while I was home and said he had something Ferguson to give me. Turns out it was two NOS original Ferguson boxes, each with a full set of piston rings in them. Since the numbers start with Z129 I figure they are for a TO-30? Just wondering if you have ever run across any like that?July 10, 2014.

The disc is a Roderick Lean which was part of the Farm Tools group. I recognize a number of the parts which are common to the Ferguson and Dearborn pull type discs as well as the Dearborn lift type disc which is very similar to the one you have. The rotary hoe also looks familiar though I am going to have to study it a bit more. It appears to be similar to the Dearborn version, though there was also a Ferguson version. I believe the numbers on the castings are Roderick Lean part numbers.