How to Static Time an Engine

My daughter wants a Ferguson tractor at her wedding; her grandfather was a Ferguson man “all the way”. Can you tell me how to fix the timing on my TO-30 for her wedding? June 8, 2015.

To static time the engine: 1. Remove the number one spark plug. 2. Crank the engine until the number one piston starts up on the compression stroke (this can be determined by holding your thumb over the spark plug hole) and reaches top dead center. Note: The exact top dead center can be obtained by removing the timing hole plug from the left side of the engine /clutch housing. The “DC” mark should be lined up with the mark on the housing. 3. Remove the distributor and turn the rotor of the distributor until it points to the number one cylinder plug wire terminal on the inside of the distributor cap. (Make a mark on the body of the distributor with the cap in place to make this easier.) 4. Install the assembly into the block in this manner, rotor pointing to the number one plug wire terminal. Note: Due to the nature of the curved teeth the spiral gears on the camshaft and distributor, the rotor will rotate a few degrees when the assembly is installed in the block. It may be necessary to compensate for this by setting the rotor a few degrees back of the of the extension/number one position. 5. Tighten the clamp bolt to secure the assembly to the block. To accurately time the engine, a timing light should be used when the engine is running.