How to Repair the Governor

The governor on my Ferguson 35 is not working and I plan to repair or replace it. Can you give me some advice about what to look for?

First, follow the Ferguson guidelines on adjusting the governor linkage. Check that the governor is not stuck. If the tractor has sat for a while it may be just a little rusty and can be worked free. Make sure all the linkage parts are free to move, and do not show obvious wear. Replace any parts that show wear.

The governor is behind the timing gear cover. To remove the timing gear cover, you will need to remove the radiator, the drive-shaft pulley, and you may need to drain the oil. You may need to raise the gas tank to remove the radiator hose at the top. It is advisable to replace the thermostat, seals, gaskets, and water pump. Removing the drive-shaft pulley requires a short puller. Note the position and orientation of all seals and gaskets.

The governor may have been previously serviced. Compare the parts you remove with the parts diagram and list in your Ferguson manual. Remove the cap screws holding the timing gear cover. Be sure to remove the three cap screws that hold the cover from below. Be careful not to bend the cover during removal. There are two alignment pins on the lower left and right. Use a thin blade to separate the cover from the block. Once the cover is removed inspect the parts for wear.

Carefully check the needle bearings for the shaft on the governor control arm assembly. These bearings tend to rust because oil does not reach them. The roll pin that attaches the paddle to the shaft inside the cover has to be drilled out to remove the arm. Once the paddle is removed the arm can be withdrawn to replace the bearings and seal.

Look to see if the spring is bent, or loose. Look for signs of nicks or dents on the inside of the cover. If the steel balls fall out of the cage, replace the governor. If the balls have flat spots on them, replace the governor. Look for excessive wear on the balls rolling surface. Look for signs of inadequate lubrication. Check for unusual wear on the gears.

When replacing the timing gear cover use the specified gasket. Do not use a silicone or other sealer. They may not be compatible with the aluminum casting. You may want to prime and paint the front of the engine while it is exposed.

Carefully follow the installation instructions that come with the new governor. Replacement governors include a round shim that is installed behind the governor and a shouldered nut that must be installed with the turned down shoulder facing the governor so the governor fits over the shoulder. Be certain to follow the Ferguson procedure for adjusting the governor linkage after replacing the governor.