How to Remove the Seat Pan

I am working on my F-40. What is the best method to remove the pin that secures the seat pan to the hinge? I see no retaining clip on either end, and have tried (from both ends) knocking the pin out with a good sized hammer and drift punch, and that buddy hasn’t moved even a fraction of an inch.

The seat hinge pin is turned down to a smaller diameter in the middle. There is tab in the middle of the bracket where the pin passes through. To remove the hinge pin, use a large screwdriver or pry bar to bend the tab up a bit which will release the hinge pin. You only need to bend it up enough to allow the larger ends of the hinge pin to clear the tab. When things are cleaned up and painted, bend the tab back down to hold the hinge pin in place. If you’re careful, and use a punch, you’ll only have to do a little touchup. This hinge pin setup was introduced on the Ferguson TO-20 “Flip Up” steel pan seat. The same hinge pin setup was then used on the deluxe padded seat introduced on the TO-35. The steel pan seat was used on the TO-20, TO-30, TO-35, F-40, and 35 Special. The deluxe padded seat was introduced as an option on the TO-35 and then on the F-40, MH-50, MF-35, MF-50, MF-65, many 100 and 200 series tractors, industrial models and numerous other models produced in the UK and elsewhere in the world.