How is a Distributor Attached on a TO-20

After finding some serious problems with the distributor on my To-20, I installed a rebuilt distributor. How is the distributor supposed to be attached to the tractor and, is there supposed to be a seal between the distributor and the engine? It looks like there’s something wrong with the clamp that is supposed to hold the distributor to the engine, and there is no seal between the distributor and engine. It looks to me like the only thing holding the distributor is the bolt that sets the advance/retard setting. The clamp on the distributor shaft only clamps the shaft, it doesn’t hold the distributor to the engine. May 23, 2014

The clamp that is around the base of the distributor has an ear for a single 1/4″ bolt. That bolt is what attaches the distributor to the engine block. The gasket is an O ring which fits around the base of the distributor, just below the clamp described above. The part number for the O ring is MF # 760001M2. If you like I can get you the dimensions for that O ring which you should be able to get at most automotive supply, hardware or bearing supply stores.

I will send you an exploded view from the parts book and the parts list which shows the clamp, item # 52 on the exploded view and the parts list and the O ring, item #59. Let me know if you need the dimensions for the O ring and if this answers your question.