Headlights on Top of Hood

Mr. Sybrandy, my name is Greg Brown. I have inherited a Ferguson 35 Deluxe. The owner, my father in-law, passed away in 2001. In his (my) shop building has been this old tractor that I decided to finally move. I prepared it for towing, but a neighbor saw me working on it and suggested that I just charge the battery and start it. Well, it not only started but runs well, the hydraulics work (it has a Ford front loader) and seems to enjoy getting out in the sunshine again. It is a strange variation that I’ve not been able to find any picture or record of: Its headlights are on top of the hood, not on the side as all the pics I’ve seen. It’s kinda like Mickey Mouse ears. I was wondering if this is original or someone modded it during its long lifetime.

The standard position for the headlights was on the dog legs at the sides of the hood where the holes or knockouts are located. The alternate position was on the front of the fenders.There are 4 different brackets used to mount the headlights in this position.

1. When the TO-35 in gray and metallic green first came out the factory recommended using a set of brackets the same as used to mount the taillight and work light. This is outlined in the manual for the Ferguson manure loader.

2. When the F-40 came out and the TO-35 colors were changed to bamboo beige and flint metallic gray a set of smaller headlights were available with a hinged mounts for mounting on the rear fenders. The very first 35 Workbull tractors, which were modified TO-35s, also had their headlights mounted with these brackets.

3. When the TO-35 colors were changed to red and flint metallic gray a kit that included 2 chrome mounting brackets, a pair of eyebrow hoods and hardware was available for mounting the standard full size headlights on the rear fenders. I still have those kits, minus the eyebrows, if you are interested. The eyebrows are still available as parts.

4. Cast iron brackets, similar to the chrome ones that came in the kit for the ag tractor were used to mount the headlights on the rear fenders of Workbull and Utility models based on the TO-35. These cast iron brackets could be purchased as parts and were sometimes used on 35 models with loaders.

An accessory for overseas models of the Ferguson included a single headlight bracket to install a single headlight at the top center of the hood, on the raised ridge. This light was often referred to as the “cyclops light.” Mounting a loader on a 35 usually means the headlights cannot be mounted on the sides of the hood. Many loader manufacturers provided mounting brackets on the loader frame where the headlights could be mounted, This was often just forward of the steering wheel. Mounting the headlights on top of the hood like Mickey Mouse ears was done but I am not aware of anything in any Ferguson manual suggesting this as a mounting point, but it does work. You can see headlights mounted in this position on tractors here in the US as well as overseas.