Hall Lamps on North American TEA-20’s

Were the TEA 20s that came to North America come equipped with Hall lamps, and the little wings?  August 10, 2016.

As far as I know, none of the TO-20, TE-20, TEA-20, and their derivatives came with factory installed lights other than the TE industrial models. Harry Ferguson Limited supplied UK sourced lighting kits as dealer installed accessories for TE’s sold in the UK. Harry Ferguson Inc supplied lighting kits manufactured by the Hall Lamp Company as an accessory for dealer installation on TE, TEA and TO models sold in the US. I am not sure what headlight kits were available to Canadian dealers, though the pictures I have seen in Canadian sales brochures appear to be the same Hall lights sold in the US.

As I suspect you know, TE and TEA models did not have the knockout holes for mounting headlights while TO models did. Installation instructions for these lighting kits include dimensions for drilling holes in the hood side panels to mount headlights. In the UK, more headlight kit options were available than in the US including the single headlight (Cyclops Headlight) mounted in the center of the hood. UK kits were also available with turn signal lights.

Even though the pictures showing Harry Ferguson driving TO-20 number 1 off the Detroit assembly line show the tractor equipped with headlights, this is obviously a staged photo opportunity. Regular production TO models did not come with factory installed lights.