Governor Shaft Pin Removal

I have a 1958 TO-35. I tried to replace the governor shaft seal following the service manual instructions. Mine does not have the set screw identified in the manual. How do I remove the pin holding the shaft in? October 14, 2015.

Only later production Z134 and Z145 engines have the set screw. The procedure for earlier production Z134 engines as on the TO-35 and F-40 is the same as for the Z129 and Z120 engines used on the TO-30 and TE/TO-20 tractors.

After removing the cover, try to drive the pins down as far as they will go. That should give you just enough of a hole to act as a drill guide. Then drill out the pins using a 5/32″ drill bit. It is not necessary to drill all the way through the hole in the other side of the paddle, drill just deep enough to free the shaft. If they will not drive down, use a center punch to carefully punch the center of the pin and then use a 5/32″ drill bit to drill out the pin. Again, you do not have to drill all the way through the paddle to free the shaft.

After the shaft is removed you will be able to drive out the remainder of the pins. Remove the seal by prying it out with a screwdriver. Drive out the bearings using a piece of rod, punch or a socket of the same outer diameter. Clean the cover and make sure you remove all metal shavings. If the shaft is badly worn you may have to replace the arm and shaft assembly or have the worn area built up with weld and turned down.

The shaft will actually work just fine with a fair amount of wear. Use a strip of emery cloth to smooth the edges of any grooves in the shaft so it will rotate smoothly. Use the same piece of steel rod or socket to carefully drive the new bearings into place. Use a larger socket to carefully drive the new seal into place. Grease the be bearings before installing the shaft, lining up the holes in the shaft with the paddle and installing new pins. Carefully head the ends of the pins to hold them in place.

You will have to readjust the governor linkage once the governor is serviced and the cover is reinstalled. Follow the procedure in the original Operator’s Manual, Service Manual or the FENA website.