Governor Cover Needle Bearings

I plan to replace the needle bearing and seal in my governor cover, but different parts manuals give me different information.  Which is correct?

Yes there are two needle bearings. I suspect there is an error in that edition of the parts book. Back then Massey Ferguson issued Parts Bulletins with instructions to make corrections in the manual, and sometimes supplemental pages that detailed changes over a period of time. The parts books in 1957 were printed, and stapled together in book form, later Massey Ferguson went to a loose leaf notebook format. Corrected pages were then issued periodically with instructions to remove certain pages, and insert the new ones. I checked parts book number 693 041 M4 which was issued in the 1980’s. The original version was first issued in May, 1973. My parts books indicates (2) of part number 1750 100 M1 needle bearings are used, AGCO now states the part number as 1750100M1. The oil seal is part number 1750108M1, and the felt dust seal is part number 1750103M1. The groove pin for the paddle or rocker shaft as the parts book calls it is part number 1750358M1 which now subs to part number 11943X. The pin is a standard groove pin 5/32″ x 3/4″. Only one groove pin is used.

You might want to have a piece of oil pan gasket material as the pan gasket on the bottom of the timing gear cover often gets damaged when you remove the timing gear cover. I prefer replacing the damaged piece, if there is one, with a piece of original pan gasket and regular gasket sealer. I am usually no fan of RTV sealer as it often ends up forming globs that plug orifices, and screens not to mention relief valves.