Freeing Up Spin Out Rear Wheels

I’m finding little info on the “spin-out” rear wheels (optional) which my recently acquired tractor came with (how to loosen up, adjust, operate, and paint). Can you help me find some?

The easiest way to free-up and repair the spin-out rear wheels is to remove the entire clamping assembly from the wheel by removing the carriage bolts that hold the assembly to the wheel center. It is best to place the assembly you are going to work on at the top or 12:00 position to remove it. The clamps are easiest to tighten or loosen when they are in the 12:00 position.

If you cannot turn the locking pins, soak them with penetrating oil. When adjusting the wheels I start with the one in the 12:00 position, then do the ones at the sides. I then turn the wheel and bring the bottom one to the 12:00 position to tighten or loosen it.

I suspect you will find the locking cams may be stuck so you may not be able to loosen them at all but will have to remove each clamping assembly to work on it. You can do this one at a time with the wheel in place by working on the clamp that is in the 12:00 position. Unbolt the assembly from the center and then you can work on it on your bench. Be careful when you remove the assembly to catch the little notched piece that rests against the rim rail. That’s the piece the locking bolt cam turns against to lock the clamp.

If you do not have the special wrench to turn the locking pins you can make one by taking to 1/2″ socket extensions, cutting off the male ends and welding the two female ends together. The 1/2″ female end will fit over the square end of the locking pins. It may be necessary to use heat to remove or turn the locking pins but you have to remove them to do that. Once you get a clamp assembly off and on your bench you should be able to free it up, disassemble it and clean it up. After the parts are cleaned and painted, assemble the clamp with anti-seize compound.

I do have some parts and may be able to supply them if you need them. The U-shaped stops that go on the rail with the holes in it are available from Steiner tractor parts. If the square headed bolt in the stop breaks off you can use a cutting disc in an angle grinder or die grinder to cut the clamp off and replace it.