Footplate Difference between Later TE and TO Models

Is there is any difference between the later TE series tractor foot plate, and a TO 30 or early 35?

The TE-20 step plates sold in the UK are different from the TO-30 or TO-35 step plates. I believe I have a picture of them in one of John Farnworth’s books.

Ferguson dealers in the US did sell after-market step plates as well as step plates from Harry Ferguson Inc, (USA). I am not sure what those early US step plates looked like. I do know once the TO-20 was in production dealers sold the TO-20 step plates to be used on the TE and TEA-20. Those TO-20 step plates were the same shape and design as the TO-30, and TO-35 step plates except they had a solid bottom with a diamond tread pattern. The TO-30, TO-35 step plate has a series of holes with a raised ridge.

To further complicate things, still another step plate was offered in the UK to comply with national safety regulations. These step plates were wider in the back, and came with a pair of fender extensions that shielded the driver’s legs from the rear wheels. The shields bolted on the front edge of the fender, and extended down to the edge of the step plate where they were bolted to the edge of the step plate. These step plates, and the fender extensions are also shown in one of John Farnworth’s books.