Ferguson Spanner (Wrench)

I noticed this Ferguson Spanner on EBAY, “Ferguson Spanner Wrench New Reproduction Brass Tractor TE20 , TEF20, TED20”. Is this a reproduction spanner? January 4, 2016.

AGCO began selling the Ferguson wrench again a few years back. It is being sold in old Ferguson logo packaging. The wrench was and possibly still is available from AGCO/Massey Ferguson dealers in the UK. At approximately the same time AGCO/Massey Ferguson began selling the original Ferguson gray paint in quarts with old Ferguson style labeling. These items have not been offered for sale in the US, which I believe says something about the strength of the collector market in the UK. Apparently AGCO-USA does not recognize the Ferguson collector market here. I suspect the wrenches offered for sale in the ebay listing are some of the aforementioned “new” Ferguson wrenches that some dealer has had plated in brass or that AGCO/UK has issued a special edition of this wrench in brass plated finish.