Ferguson Plow Suppliers

I am researching Ferguson implements, and specifically plows. Do you know if Ferguson used the same suppliers he did when he worked for Ford at this point or did he import implements from the UK? If he used the old suppliers, what did his ID Tag (badge) now look like? I have seen a tag with Massey-Harris-Ferguson on the bottom but that would suggest sometime after 1953 when they all merged. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. July 10, 2014

The first Ferguson tag is the one used on the Ferguson Sherman plow for the Fordson tractor. The early Ferguson 3 point hitch plows, the ones produced by Ford, and some other early Ferguson Sherman implements have a brass tag, approximately 2″ x 3″ that reads, Ferguson Sherman. Reproductions of this tag are available from a source in Ireland. The tag is attached with 4 1/8″ screw shank rivets.

The next series of implements had tags approximately 1 1/4″ x 3 1/2″ that read Ferguson Sherman. I have seen these tags in brass and aluminum? The tag is attached with 4 1/8″ screw shank rivets.

After the split with Sherman, implements had the same size tag but it read Ferguson and said Detroit, Michigan. These were used during Ford Ferguson production and continued until the merger with Massey Harris. The tag is aluminum and attached with 4 1/8″ screw shank rivets. This tag is being reproduced.

After the merger some implements had the same size tag that read Ferguson but said Toronto, Canada. This was for implements whose production was moved to old Massey Harris plants in Canada. US built implements still had the Detroit, Michigan location indicated. I’m not sure if there were any of these tags ever had the Racine Wisconsin location on them but it is possible. The tag is aluminum and attached with 4 1/8″screw shank rivets. This tag is being reproduced.

The last implement tag is the same style as the later Massey Ferguson implement tag. These tags are larger, approximatly 1 1/2″ x 4″, have round corners and attach with two larger rivets. I don’t recall the location but it may be Des Moines, Iowa. I have most of these tags and can send you pictures or scans. I do not have the 1 1/4″ x 3 1/2″ Ferguson Sherman tag but do have the earlier one and the earliest one from the original Fordson plow.

I would love to know who produced all the Ferguson implements but do also know that parts of implements were often produced by different suppliers. For instance, the plow frame came from one source, the bases or bottoms could come from Sears David Bradley division, which they did for a long time, the coulters from still another company and the tail wheel from still another company. When a dealer or distributor ordered an implement he had to order a set of “bundles” each with its own part number, to order an implement. One of the reasons for the bundle system was to allow for different configurations, like a cultivator ordered with either sweeps or regular teeth. The bundle system also provided for parts coming from different sources.