Ferguson Plow Moldboards

Can you tell me if someone supplies a moldboard for a Harry Ferguson 2 bottom plow. 12B-AO-12?  April 26, 2016.

New moldboards as well as shares, and landsides for these plows are rather hard to come by. You can contact Scott in PA at 717-580-4193. There was a Scott that used to work at a Ford dealership with a long history, and a pretty good stock of NOS parts for Ford and Ferguson plows. The dealership is closed now but I believe this is the same Scott. Ferguson plow parts continued to be sold by Ford after the split. Ford replaced the original Ferguson part numbers with Ford part numbers. Scott should be able to cross reference the original Ferguson part numbers to Ford numbers if he does not have the parts you need. You can then continue your search for the part under both the Ferguson and Ford numbers.

The original Ferguson part number for the moldboard is 12A-AO-110 which became Massey Ferguson part number 660719M91.

There were numerous after-market suppliers making these plow parts, and they usually have their own parts numbers which are sometimes though not always similar.

A company in Salem, OH recently purchased the tooling from Crescent, one of those after-market suppliers. Contact PLOWORX at 330-332-9386 and ask for Steve, or go to their website www.ploworx@att.net

If you are able to locate a new moldboard be prepared to pay. The last new Ford shares I was able to locate for this plow were selling for over $250 each, and moldboards usually cost more.

Another option is to find a used or salvage plow with good moldboards. There was a salvage plow offered for sale in the last issue of the N-news, but I have no idea what size the bases are. Call Bill in MI at 248-464-4467. He was asking $100 for it.

Your moldboard may be repairable or rebuildable. There are a number of blacksmith shops, many of them Amish that provide this service. Check areas with populations of Amish farmers. Many of these shops can also custom build a moldboard or share for you. Again, be prepared to pay.

Still another option is to replace the entire plow bases with ones salvaged from another brand plow. It was not uncommon for Ford or Ferguson plow owners to replace the original bases with Oliver “Radex” bottoms which had moldboards with replaceable shins, and less expensive shares. They were the first of what came to be known as “Throwaway Shares” which were simpler to make. For a plow receiving limited use this may be a good option.