Ferguson Plow Development Books

Do you know of a source that describes the development of the Ferguson plow? January 21, 2016.

There are a number of books detailing the early development of the Ferguson plows. These begin with Ferguson’s work during WW I traveling the UK as a government agent to help farmers improve their plowing techniques to increase production for the war effort. That led to the development of the Belfast wheel less plow for the Eros, the Ferguson-Sherman plow for the Fordson, the 3 point hitch attachment for the Fordson and the plow to go with it, the 3 point hitch plow for the Ferguson-Brown, and pretty much culminated with the AO plow that debuted with 9N. This is pretty well detailed in the following books:

Tractor Pioneer: The Life of Harry Ferguson by Colin Fraser,
The New Ferguson Album by Colin E Booth & Allan T Condie,
Ferguson TE20 In Detail by Michael Throne,
The Massey Legacy, Volume One by John Farnworth,
Fergusons The Hunday Experience by John Moffitt and John Farnworth,
The Ferguson Tractor Story by Stuart Gibbard (Be careful with this one, Gibbard’s book has a few inaccuracies), and
Ford Tractor Implements by Chester Peterson Jr & Rod Beemer
A Global Corporation by E F Neufield.

There are others but these are some of the better ones. The first two in particular provide good overviews of Ferguson’s plow development.
David Lory wrote a very nice 4 part series for Antique Power Magazine several years ago. That series is reprinted in Fergusons The Hunday Experience.
As I recall not much has been written about the development of Ferguson Plows following the introduction of the first AO plows. Information about the various bases available for the AO plow can be found in earlier editions of the operator’s manuals for the Ferguson AO plow. Developments following the merger with Massey Harris have not been widely documented. This would cover the N bottom with its more economical flat share and replaceable front moldboard shin, trip bottoms and squared off frames and the automatic resetting 880 plows.