Ferguson Front Bumper

Is, or was, there an official Ferguson front bumper? Or perhaps a recommended bumper? September 28, 2015.

There never was a genuine Ferguson bumper accessory. There was an official Ford Ferguson bumper accessory. It looked like a car bumper and was likely developed from a Ford car or pickup bumper. That answer my be questioned my some who will argue a certain bumper or other accessory was sold by a Ferguson dealer as an official accessory for the Ferguson tractor.

The confusion about what is or isn’t a genuine Ferguson bumper exists because the “Distributors” supplying Ferguson tractors, implement, and accessories to Ferguson dealers also sold accessories, and even implements from sources other than Harry Ferguson, Inc. These accessories and even implements were often painted gray to match genuine Ferguson equipment.

Bumpers were made by a number of different companies. Because of the tip up hood on the TE-20s, TO-20s and TO-30s, bumpers that would either tip down or clear the hood when it was opened were considered by many to be genuine Ferguson accessories. Bumpers made to fit the Ford Ferguson 9N/2N, 8N and NAA didn’t usually allow the hoods on Fergusons to be opened fully.