Ferguson Crane Top Link

Do you have any information on the bracket for connecting the top link of the crane to the tractor. I have seen pictures online of some brackets but I don’t think they are original. If I can’t buy one I will have to build one. August 30, 2015.

There are no parts or operator’s manuals on ebay right now but I did find this plate. It is likely for the UK version of the crane but thought it was interesting.

Peter and Julie gave me information on a guy in the UK that reproduces just about any Ferguson serial number or instruction plate. He uses an acid etch ink process as original and the results are beautiful albeit pricey.

My son tells me there are places here in the US that are capable of doing the same type of work. He’s an engineer and designs tooling. The companies he has worked for often have instruction and serial number plates custom made for the tools they fabricate.