F40 Small Steering Bearing

I need a small steering bearing for my F-40, its the one right below the steering wheel — it is a 1956 model. Can you help me find one? May 1, 2014.

I have been unable to locate the small bearing. However, I found out there is a kit available from MF to service the steering column but, I can’t figure out what’s in the kit. The kit is part number 1035054M91. Jack’s Small Engines (Jacks) has the kit priced at $155.80 The kit is supposed to have replacement parts for the bearings in the steering column but like I said, I haven’t been able to find out what’s in the kit.

I do know there is or was an updated part that could be used to replace the individual ball bearings. That is part number 1024477M91. That part number is a bearing assembly that replaces the individual balls. However, so far I have been unable to locate one as it comes up as an obsolete part.

The individual balls which were originally part number 13535X are now part number 22199X. Jack’s sells them for $0.74/each. Early versions of the F-40 did not use the bearing in the top of the steering column but, instead used a bushing.

I would suggest an alternative to the top bearing. Have a bushing, approximately 1″ to 2″ long, the longer the better, made out of a bearing plastic like Delrin. Just about any machinist with a lathe should be able to make the bushing for you. Sorry I couldn’t be more help but I think purchasing the individual bearing balls and having the plastic bushing made to replace the top bearing will solve your problem.

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