F40 Power Steering Bushing Replacement

I recently purchased an F40 high clearance that has power steering. The steering does not work worth a hoot, so I took it apart. I am rebuilding it. Upon disassembly of the steering pedestal I noticed the fit between the shaft and the new bushings is very tight. Do the bushings have to be reamed out so there is a small amount of movement?

The bushings are ream to fit. In other words, once the new bushing is pressed into place, it needs to be reamed to fit the shaft.

Check for damage to the cylinder rod. You can likely find a hydraulic cylinder rebuilders, near you that will repair the damaged rod and polish or replate it as required. Because these services can often be expensive you should check to see what the price of new or good used replacement parts would be before you commit to having the rod repaired.

The pedestal unit and nearly all related components for the Ferguson 40, Massey Harris 50, Massey Ferguson 50 and 65 are interchangeable. There were at least two different suppliers so replacement parts should be from the same manufacturer but entire assemblies can usually be interchanged. Some of the later MF-65 parts are of heavier construction.

The pump is the same as used on the 35, just get the same kind as the one you have and there will be no problem with the hoses matching. There is an adjustment procedure for the system as well as detailed repair and rebuilding instructions in the factory shop manual. If you do not have that manual I can scan and send you the information.

The two regular adjustments are the turnbuckle, and the tapered bolt which sets the amount of assist. When the system is working properly and there is no slop in the linkage you can set the system to be a bit more sensitive than the manual call for, for enhanced assistance.

Check the clevis pins for the turnbuckle linkage and if they are worn, replace them. This is important for proper operation of the system. As far as getting the pedestal in the correct position, I believe there is something about that in the shop manual but as I recall it is just a matter of getting everything reconnected before you tighten the mounting bolts completely.