F40 Headlamp Paint Color

I am getting ready to restore a Ferguson model 40. The headlamps and brackets are red, they appear original. All the pics on the internet are tan. Can red be correct for this restoration? September 21, 2014.

The lights are correct for you F-40 but the color is not. This same lighting kit was made in at least 3 different colors and possibly as many as 5. The kits were the same except for the colors. It is likely that when whoever owned this F-40 decided to install lights on it, or asked the dealer to install lights, lights painted the F-40 Bamboo Beige were not available. When the supply of Bamboo Beige kits were no longer available, kits painted MF red were substituted.

At the time the F-40 was being produced Massey Harris Ferguson was supplying this kit in Ferguson Light Gray for the TO-35 and early production green and metallic green F-40 tractors, Massey Harris Red for the MH-50 and Bamboo Beige for the F-40. When the two line policy was abandoned and the tractors became Massey Ferguson, the kits were supplied in Massey Ferguson Red. When the production of Industrial Tractors like the MHF Work Bull began the kits were also supplied in MF Industrial Yellow.

The question is are these lights painted Massey Harris Red or Massey Ferguson Red? The lighting kits for the F-40, MH-50 and MF-50 were all identical and came with the same wiring harness. Actually that is really immaterial since you are going to restore this tractor. All the lights and mounting brackets should be painted Bamboo Beige to match the sheet metal on the tractor. The lighting kit for the TO-35 and Work Bull tractors was nearly identical to the F-40, MH-50, MF-50 kit except for the front wiring harness.